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Steam Machines revealed: Full details and pictures for every model

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Steam Machines revealed: Full details and pictures for every model

Post by pok3rfac3 on June 8th 2015, 10:42

[ltr]Steam Machines revealed
After a long delay, Valve’s bid to replace your living room console with a true-blue gaming PC is finally taking shape. Valve and its partners revealed a whopping 15 new Steam Machines during GDC 2015, covering virtually every price point and internal component configuration. (They’re all small, though—these are supposed to fit in a home theater cabinet.) Valve’s so serious that it even launched a new hardware section in the Steam store ahead of the scheduled November 10 launch for Steam Machines, which was announced this week

If you’re looking for impressions and video of the new Steam Machines, Gordon Mah Ung has you covered. Here, we’ll take a peek at each and every new Steam Machine announced, from iBuyPower’s $450 SBX to crazy $5000 rigs from Falcon Northwest and Origin. PCWorld’s massive graphics card performance round-up can help you get up to speed with the various visual options offered.

Let’s dig in![/ltr]


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