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3 basic concepts you must know about information security

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3 basic concepts you must know about information security

Post by nickee89 on June 13th 2015, 19:47

Security is the most discussed topic in the IT world.

Security involves people, process and technology. Inherently, people factor is the most crucial element in a successful security system implementation.

Information Systems includes everything that an information travels.

3 Basic Concepts we should keep and maintain when comes to information security awareness, we called CIA:

Confidentiality (C) - To make sure that authorized user has access to the information.

Integrity (I) - To make sure that the information is secure from unauthorized changes.

Availability (A) -  To make sure that the system (data) responds (available)

p.s: This is my first post and this forum seems a little bit dead, therefore this post is like a testing and starter dish.

More to come...


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