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Heap Memory Errors and Stack Memory Errors

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Heap Memory Errors and Stack Memory Errors

Post by too wei on September 10th 2015, 22:13

Memory errors can be broadly classified into Heap Memory Errors and Stack Memory Errors.
Some of the challenging memory errors are:

-Invalid Memory Access in heap and stack
-Memory leak
-Mismatched Allocation/Deallocation
-Missing Allocation
-Uninitialized Memory Access in heap and stack
-Cross Stack Access

Invalid Memory Access
char *pStr = (char*) malloc(25);
free(pStr);  //deallocated already
strcpy(pStr, .parallel programming.); // Invalid write to deallocated memory in heap

Memory Leak
char *pStr = (char*) malloc(512);
//do not dellocate heap

Mismatch Allocation/ Deallocation
char *s = (char*) malloc(5);
delete s; // should deletes[] s;

Missing Allocation
char* pStr = (char*) malloc(20);
free(pStr); // here deallocation already , no need 2 time
free(pStr); // results in an invalid deallocation

Uninitialized Memory Access
This problem happen on some of compiler only
char *pStr = (char*) malloc(512);
char c = pStr[0]; // the contents of pStr were not initialized
void func()
    int a;
    int b = a * 4; // uninitialized read of variable a

Cross Stack Access
    int *p;
    CreateThread(., thread #1, .); // Stack Owned
    CreateThread(., thread #2, .);
Thread #1
    int q[1024];
    p = q;
    q[0] = 1;
Thread #2
    *p = 2; // Stack Cross Accessed

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